XMPP.RE is a free XMPP service available to all for secure unmonitored private chatting.

To use your JabberX account, you can connect with any XMPP client of your choosing that most effectively suits your needs. Download.

Private Communication For All


XMPP has minimal downtime and boasts it's 99.9% uptime, ensuring reliable and uninterrupted communication for our users.


The main principles of XMPP are respect for private data and strict adherence to the secrecy of correspondence. Everyone deserves easy access to private online communication.

Zero Logs

All chats are private and we do not monitor any information transmitted by our users. Use additional clientside encryption for maximum security.


We are committed to ensuring the security of our systems and users by staying up to date with the latest industry-standard security policies.


example.com provides various amenities like spam protection, HTTP file upload, MAM, OMEMO/OTR support, as well as IPv6 protocol support.


example.com has transport gateway support for most popular networks. By logging in to one account, you can chat with any friends who use other networks.

XMPP.RE: Part of the JabberX Secure Chat Network

We are a non-profit privacy group founded in Germany and are strong advocates of Data Protection Laws and online privacy. We believe that everyone deserves access to private online communication.

Our Jabber (XMPP) instances are hosted on our own colocated servers in a highly secure German datacenter.

Questions are welcome at info AT jabberx.net
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Our XMPP services is free to use for all. We keep no logs, all content is owned by and is the responsibility of the uploader. Send any questions to info at xmpp.re.